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Into sharper focus

Yorogon optimize videos across any environment, ensure reaching higher eCPM and maintain the highest possible fill rates. We will extend your campaign beyond any objectives by serving videos under strictly brand-safe, high-quality, and viewable.

We provide real-time optimizations capabilities. We offer you a wide range of quality inventory under any channel and specs

When quality is art

We are making the advertising world a safter world. 

Our pre bid and post bid integrated system provides validated inventory with impressive fraud prevention of the highest standards ,full brand safe environment and ensure quality, viewable exposure.


We comply with the industry’s highest and most restricted verification requirements and use real time advanced fraud detection and optimization tools.

Programmatic Tool

Support access to multiple RTB, DSP, SSPs, Exchanges and trading desks.


We keep the track of those impressions which are actually viewed by the customers.

Ad formats

We support desktop, in-app and mobile web across any device and OS.

We support all sizes and shapes including IAB, VAST, VPAID, Javascript and mp4.

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We can pass as many traffic parameters as you need, so you will get full visibility ontraffic we send you.

Brand Safe

Protect against high-risk traffic. Fraud, viewability and transparency technology ensures only quality impressions.

Real Time

Full real time report capabilities to ensure you reach positive ROI.

Our solutions give you unprecedented insight and access to measurement data:

BundleID, Device, OS, App Name, Domain, Page url, Media player size, IAB content category, GEO.

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